help us raise $10k by April 30, 2023

Who we are : 

Prayukti Arts was founded in 2017 as a dance institution by Nitya Narasimhan. The name comes from a Sanskrit concept meaning “motive” or “consequence”. Prayukti Arts transformed into an independent art organization with a physical art space to run our programs in July 2022.

Staying true to the origin of our name, we have been fiercely motivated to do more and more to build and serve our community, being very aware of the impact and consequence of our every action. We have a deep passion to nurture an intentional, diverse, and inclusive community for the arts across the Bay Area through programs, performances, discussions, classes and movement-based community events.

Our programs invite artists and art enthusiasts from around the world to engage with and create art that interfaces thoughtfully with South Asian art forms.

What we have been up to : 

In the few months since conception, Prayukti has curated and created space for a variety of events. The primary focus of our artistic programs is to highlight the rich depth of South Asian arts, bridge the gap between performer and audience, bring out tangible lifelong learnings for students of art, create ventures to involve the larger South Asian community, and expand the audience base for South Asian arts. Overall Prayukti hopes to create a safe space that is open for discussion, feedback and nurtures sustainable creativity.

  • August 2022 : Humans of the Art – “Nritta and Abhinaya”, a Bharatanatyam Workshop and Meet&Greet with Bharatanatyam artist Shweta Prachande 
  • September 2022 : Mukta – a Work in Progress Showcase, featuring 4 mid-career artists with an expert panel of 10 members
  • October 2022 : Margam Unveiled – a Performance Showcase featuring 10 upcoming young bharatnatyam dancers.
  • October 2022 : Unplugged – an intimate evening of music, reading, and discussion with the acclaimed musician and social activist T.M. Krishna 
  • November 2022 : Humans of the Art – “Understanding Dance, A Process”, a dance workshop and a Bhaitak performance with Bharatanatyam artist Vaibhav Arekar 

In addition to the above, we have been hosting Yoga Day as a community event for the last 4 years. The Prayukti Dance Collective, has performed in venues across the Bay Area. Our founder, Nitya has also presented a lecture demonstration titled “The Essence of Indian Arts” in multiple venues and libraries across the San Francisco Bay Area

What we hope to do :

  • March 2023 : The next edition of Mukta, a Work in Progress showcase
  • June 2023 : The next edition of the Margam Unveiled, a performance showcase
  • Our 2023 target : Nilaya – our in-house residency program this year.
  • March 2023 : “Finding Synergy with dance”, a workshop by Shijith Nambiar and Parvathy Menon as part of the Humans of the Art series
  • April 2023 “Understanding the Thillana”, a workshop by Medha Hari as part of the Humans of the Art series
  • May 2023 : “Dance Immersive” headed by Vidhya Subramanian as part of the Humans of the Art series

Additionally, there are a whole lot of community events and intimate performances by eminent artists planned for the rest of 2023 as well. Prayukti has so far been funded entirely by our founder. As we continue to grow as an organization and create a nurturing space for artists, we are looking for your support in helping raise funds to sustain our artistic programs for the upcoming year. The estimated amount needed to manage and execute these events smoothly is $10000.

Where does your funding go :

  • Fair compensation for featured artists. Some of our programs are currently unpaid and we would love to change this.
  • Expansion of our team and fair remuneration for staff.
  • Remuneration for current staff for their time and effort. Approximately 500 hours have gone into this so far by our founder, not counting the initial planning and rebranding of Prayukti. Our Program Manager, Trisha, has put in approximately hours 50 hours since joining our team in November 2022, and our other volunteers have contributed a total of about 50 hours
  • Funding for planning, managing, marketing and executing of programs.
  • Funding for handling logistics that take care of artists’ hospitality.
  • Equipment for running events – Lights, Mats, Chairs, etc
  • Facilities for documenting events – Photography and Videography
  • Hospitality for audience members

Every donation small/big will make a difference. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Nitya Narasimhan
Prayukti Arts