Dance Collective


The Prayukti collective is the performance arm of the larger Prayukti family.
We use the bharatanatyam vocabulary to weave stories and find connections between the complex past traditions of this art form and equally complex present realities of the world we live in.

The collective features students from our dance classes, who train intensively, aligning themselves in both ideology and technique, while retaining their unique individuality. In productions, they join these perspectives together with common purpose.

We work within the framework of Bharatanatyam, not out of strict adherence to any one cultural or religious dogma, but rather because of the sheer capacity of the art form to tell any kind of story. We do not shy away from Bharatanatyam’s complicated and, at times, oppressive history. Instead, we choose to evolve it from within, and create art that is relevant and inclusive to modern global audiences.



The Alarippu (meaning flowering bud) is traditionally the first dance piece that Bharatanatyam dancers learn and perform. It usually comes in a set format with variations of base rhythm. This piece takes the idea of a woman as a flowering bud and deconstructs the traditional Alarippu while keeping its structure and ideology intact. “Alar” meaning flower and “ippu” meaning lowering or bringing down. Drawing the parallel of a woman as a flower, this piece explores the many ways in which society brings women down and how she chooses to blossom despite the hardships that comes her way.

Past works

The Prayukti Collective has been part of many shows across the Bay Area since its conception.

  • Cleveland Thyagaraja Utsavam 2019, as part of the Periyava Pancharatnam
  • Madhuvana (2018) – A classical dance production on the many joys instilled by Krishna
  • The group has also presented numerous smaller presentations of traditional bharatanatyam repetoire in events for Tamil Sangam, Sunnyvale Hindu Temple, Livermore Shiva Vishnu Auditorium and Maithri.

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