Prayukti Arts was founded in 2017 by Nitya Narasimhan, who serves as our artistic director. Named for a Sanskrit concept meaning “motive” or “consequence”, Prayukti was created to nurture an intentional community for the arts across the Bay Area through Indian classical dance classes and performances, and movement-based community events. 

With our vantage point in South Asian art traditions, and our base in the dynamic Bay Area, we are uniquely poised to build an extended cultural and artistic community. Our programs invite artists of diverse backgrounds and art-enthusiasts, from anywhere in the world, to engage with, and create art that interfaces thoughtfully with South Asian arts. You bring your art, and we’ll bring resources, community, and open arms. 

Holistic Wellness for Everyone

Prayukti’s guiding principle is that holistic wellness and heartfelt enjoyment are key to engaging with the arts. Our programming focuses on physical as well as mental enrichment, and welcomes people of all cultural, social, economic, and philosophical backgrounds to participate. We want to extend our love and dedication for the arts to a diverse audience.


We strive to build a creative space that is reliably safe and welcoming. We are committed to connecting with each of our community members at a personal level, to learn and serve their individual needs in our common creative space. 

Continuous Learning

We are always in conversation with each other and our art. We also understand and respect the responsibility that comes with being stewards of ancient South Asian art forms and do not take this role lightly. We believe there is never an end to learning. In that spirit, rather than making objective mastery of the classical repertoire our goal, we keep asking questions to discover the ever-expanding terrain of our artistry and our art forms.  We honor the rich history and traditions of the past by thoughtfully bringing them into the present, in order to collectively imagine and create a better future.