Lecture Demonstrations

In addition to facilitating lecture demonstrations through visiting artists, our artistic director Nitya Narasimhan also presents lecture demonstrations. These can be on varied topics related to her artistic practice in Bharatanatyam.

We offer a series called “The Essence of Indian Arts” – a lecture demonstration combining art history, politics, context and demonstrations.

This was a project initiated for Kalagrit – Essence of Indian Art Festival.  Over time this has become something of a personal project that goes towards building community and appreciation. The lecture demonstration works to integrate and encourage people to build an interest towards Indian Art and get a sense of the history and context of these art forms and their practices.

Lecture Demonstration
45-60 mins
Recorded Music

The talk will give a brief introduction to what Indian art is and how and why it came into existence. It will then cover the importance and relevance of the ancient Indian art forms in today’s cultural context. There will also be a demo and nuances of the Bharatanatyam vocabulary. There will also be a brief discussion on Yoga, its history and relationship to Indian dance. The lecture will end with an open question and answer session. This program is an initiative to integrate and encourage people to build their interest towards Indian Art and Culture. This program has been presented across various libraries and even some yoga centers in the Bay Area

If interested in hosting this program and for bookings, Contact Nitya here.