Humans of the art

At Prayukti Arts, we believe that engaging with art is not just about appreciating the final product, but also understanding the creative process and the people behind it. Enter the Humans of the Art series, where art students and enthusiasts can connect with visiting artists in an informal setting.

Our meet-ups provide a platform to discuss common topics of interest, learn new perspectives, and get inspired. We encourage suggestions for diverse and emerging artistic perspectives, and the content is not limited to dance. The meet-ups can take various formats, including Q&As, lectures, demonstrations, workshops, or social meet-and-greets – depending on the style and context of the visiting artist!

Most of our community programs are free to attend, but some events featuring visiting artists may have a ticket fee. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Artist Meet-Ups and join us in connecting with the creative minds behind the art!

We are excited to meet..

Humans of the ARt, Series 4 : MEdha Hari

An intimate evening of Dance, Discussion and Immersion

About the Artist

Smt. Medha Hari is one of the senior most disciples of Smt.Anitha Guha and has been pursuing advanced lessons in abhinaya with Smt. Bragha Bessell. She has recently started training under renowned Danseuse Smt. Priyadarshini Govind.

Ever since her Arangetram in the year 2001, she has since matured into one of the promising artistes of her generation. As a deeply passionate dancer, her dance is a seamless blend of fluid and graceful movements with a striking sense for musicality and rhythm. Driven by a pursuit for excellence, she perseveres towards making her dance an engaging and wholesome experience while staying relevant to her audiences. 

Her notable achievements include – ‘Best Individual Performer’ and ‘Gutti Vasu Memorial Prize from the Music Academy Madras, ‘Narasimhachari and Vasanthalakshmi Narasimhachari Endowment Award’ from Natyarangam, Natya Chudar from Kartik Fine Arts, Natana Bhava Padmam from Brahma Gana Sabha. She is also an empanelled artiste with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and a B Graded artiste with the Doordarshan, Kendra. 

Thillana Traditions and Innovations : A Journey of Discovery”, A BHARATANATYAM WORKSHOP

About the workshop

Medha will lead the participants through a tharana and an abhang, both of which can be presented as a concluding piece set to the format of a thillana. Additionally, Medha will discuss the structure of the thillana and highlight its distinguishing features. She will extend this discussion to the treatment of this particular piece in terms of its choreography. The workshop will also elaborate on the usage of adavus in nritta centric pieces to touch upon modulation.

Teaching has been Medha’s way of not just sharing, but her chance to reexamine and introspect on her learnings. She believes in nurturing curious dancers by encouraging them to think independently and approach dance with mindful practice. She also believes teaching is her way of giving back to her school and her community that have been such an intrinsic part of her growth and support system. 

Students are required to have prior dance background and be at an intermediate-advanced level in their practice. Professional dancers are welcome to apply. 

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