Humans of the art

Often we engage with art and don’t know much about the human bringing us the art – the artist. Artist meet-ups provide opportunities for art students and enthusiasts to connect with visiting artists in an informal setting, discuss common topics of interest, learn and be inspired. Content is not limited to dance, and suggestions for diverse and emerging artistic perspectives are welcome. Potential meet-up formats include, but are not limited to, Q&As, lectures, demonstrations, workshops or social meet-and-greets – depending on the style and context of the visiting artist! 

While most of our community programs are free to attend, some events featuring visiting artists may have a ticket fee.

Series 1 : shweta prachande

The first Humans of Art community program will feature a lecture demonstration and workshop by visiting artist Smt Shweta Prachande. Immerse yourself in 5 days of learning the intricacies of bharatanatyam.

Participants will be led through 2 sessions each day. Beginning with a 1.5 hour Nritta session followed by a 1.5 hour abhinaya session, they will understand the nuances of both these aspects of bharatanatyam through 2 unique compositions in dance.

Dates : August 28 – September 1

Timings :

Session 1 : Nritta 6-7:30 PM
Session 2 : Abhinaya 7:30-9 PM

The meet and greet will be an open conversation based on training, pedagogy and ideologies that one assimilates over time and practice of an art form. Shweta will talk about her lived experiences as a long time practitioner, student and teacher of bharatanatyam along with demonstration of a few pieces close to her heart. To join this intimate talk and demonstration, email us with your interest.
Suggested donations : $10
Donate here or by cash in person

Participation in both events will be limited and on first come basis.