Prayukti offers Bharatanatyam classes for children and adults of all skill levels. Classes are conducted with our core values in mind and, above all else, are meant to cultivate a universal joy for dance and movement. Keep reading to learn more about our approach to classes, and how to sign up! 

Note: All classes are held in Sunnyvale, CA.
You can also opt for virtual lessons (students from North America, Europe, UK). 

adult bharatanatyam classes

Adult classes are designed, in equal parts, to teach Bharatanatyam technique and promote an overall healthy lifestyle. Classes incorporate yoga and bodyweight strength modules, followed by Bharatanatyam technique training. 

We want to keep the art form relevant and inclusive to modern students. Beyond the physical, classes also periodically include discussions on the historical, social and philosophical contexts of Bharatanatyam. Students can expect a safe environment to discuss their personal viewpoints/experiences and listen to others’.

New students can enroll in adult classes at any time. Different class options are available to students of different experience levels, but there is a suitable option for everyone!


Kids classes at Prayukti foster a fun, open-minded attitude toward learning a traditional art form. Nitya loves children and has a natural knack for working with them. Rather than imposing a rigid curriculum from the get-go, she nurtures the unique artistry in every child by teaching them broadly about rhythm and musicality through activities and movement exercises. This intuition for dance will build to a Bharatanatyam repertoire over time.  

Kids classes at Prayukti are offered in sessions throughout the year, and are limited in size and frequency. Parents can sign up below and will be notified when the next batch/term is about to commence.



We are currently accepting registrations for

Kids Dance (Age 5 and above)
Teens Bharatanatyam (Ages 9-15)
Adult Bharatanatyam (Beginners)
Adult Bharatanatyam (Ongoing)

If you are continuing student of Bharatanatyam looking to pursue advanced training at Prayukti, please send us a video of yourself dancing using the following guidelines

1. Length of video : 2-5 minutes
2. Must be recorded within the last 3 months
3. Can be informal practice video shot on phone. No costume, make up necessary
4. Has to be pure nritta (A jathi / alarippu would be ideal)

If you are interested in being a part of the Prayukti family and want more details about any of our ongoing classes – Email or fill out the Contact Form with the subject “Class Enquiry”

What Our students Are Saying.

charanya kannan

Nitya’s classes are nothing short of phenomenal. Instead of just teaching a repertoire of steps, Nitya offers a wholistic Bharatanatyam education based on awareness that involves incorporating physical strength, flexibility and cardio, and all of this ties back to different aspects of dance. She also builds skills like choreography training, rhythm sense, designing creative sequences in addition to history/philosophy of dance. She is invested in her students’ trajectory, emphasizing a growth mindset where everyone can learn and improve at their own pace, but also motivating and pushing us to do our best, always with a smile. Highly recommend.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
kanaka sriram

I have always wanted to learn Bharatanatyam and only started after I had my first kid. Realised over 8+ years and multiple teachers, that I needed someone who will teach holistic mind and body, not just steps, but how to ensure the body can do the step, while mind enjoys dancing without worry about injury and form. 

Nitya teaching embodies that. She ensures we build flexibility, strength while learning the dance form. I have been learning with her for past 3+ years and enjoy every class completely as she brings lots of positive energy and love everytime. 

Teaching is a skill, which Nitya has mastered. Especially for adults, it’s not easy to learn and remember. She has a way for us to internalise the dance. 

I have grown both as a person and dancer . I look forward to continuing learning from her all my life :). 

She is in all essence a true Guru. Thanks Nitya for accepting me as a student. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.
janis fredrick

I joined the Prayukti academy approximately 6 months ago. The classes are in Sunnyvale and it has been a long commute from San Francisco but the classes are totally worth it. Though I have been trained before, Nitya made me realize how much more there was to it – movement dynamics, thalam, technique, history, etc. The classes focus not only on the dance form but also on strength and flexibility. Nitya is a great teacher and gives us constant feedback and pushes us all to give our best, with great results. She is also fast at responding, so please feel free to reach out to her for questions!

Rating: 5 out of 5.