Mukta : Work in progress

What the artist can expect

The Work in Progress Showcase is a program that will feature 4-5 different artistic presentations, each 8-15 minutes in length, moderated by a curated panel of artists. 

This is an opportunity for artists with new/existing projects or ideas to present work and receive feedback from established artists with diverse artistic perspectives. Panelists will be curated based on the submissions accepted into that specific cycle of the WIP Showcase. Presenting artists can expect honest and insightful critical feedback from our panelists, in a safe and supportive, non judgmental atmosphere.

The showcase will be presented in person to panelists and streamed virtually to the public. At this time, we are unable to pay the artists or support the further presentation of the work.

What we ask of the artist

Applicants should apply to the WIP Showcase program with a demonstration or description of their piece or idea, respectively. Once accepted, the artists will present one time, at the WIP showcase event. The presentation should include an introduction to the work, followed by the work itself (8-10 minutes), and will be followed by open discussion with the panel (5-8 minutes). The artists may be asked critical questions by the panel, and are also encouraged to prepare questions for the panelists, in order to have the most constructive experience possible.

This program is intended for
  • practitioners of South Asian south asian arts in any discipline — not limited to performing art forms. Visual Artists, Literary Artists, Film, Performing Arts are all welcome to apply and share their process.
  • while artists of all experiences are welcome to apply, we’re particularly interested in mid career/emerging artists.
  • preference will be given to artists who identify as women of color, LGBTQIA+, are from marginalized communities or any kind of under represented minority
  • must support their own travel to the Bay Area for the presentation
  • both individual or ensemble based presentations are welcome to apply, however as one application.

The first edition of MUKTA will be held on September 17, 2022 at the Prayukti Studio
Applications are open from July 15, 2022 and will close by August 15, 2022 11:59 PM PST.